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Boyuan Construction Convened 2018 Project Manager Symposium
Publish Date: 1/12/2018 Hits828 times

On January 8, 2018, the Boyuan Construction Project Manager Symposium was held in the Boyuan Hall on the fifth floor of Kingford Plaza in Jiaixng. More than 50 people including Shou Cailiang, the president of Boyuan, and managers from all project departments, and Hainan company representatives attended the forum.

At the meeting, Tang Wei, executive vice president of Boyaun , first reported on the company's business operations. He said, last year, the company seized market opportunities and established partnerships with developers such as China Railways, China Communications, and China Resources to create a new market in Jiaxing. He combined the work experience of tendering and bidding and analyzed the market situation. He encouraged the project departments to improve the management ability and service awareness, and continue to maintain the brand and reputation of Boyuan.

Qian Feng, Vice President of Production, briefed the main work of the Engineering Department and the Technology Center over the past year. He carefully analyzed the existing problems in project management and proposed improvements. Facing the new situation in the development of science and technology in the construction industry, he asked the project manager to think about how to apply scientific and technological means to increase efficiency and take the initiative in the market.

President Shou Cailiang made a concluding speech. He pointed out that in the past year, the brand influence of Boyuan has been further improved, and all work has been affirmed by all walks of life. These achievements have benefited from the hard work of all staffs in the past year.



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